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South Side


This is Lisa’s own house…’s a 1929 Tudor Revival in the college town of Bellingham, WA.

“When I bought the house it was very dark and heavy.  I wanted to keep the overall Tudor feel, but freshen and lighten it up as well as address some existing space flow issues.  All trim throughout the main rooms was painted a putty grey color and paired with crisp white walls.  The center stair hall trim was painted black.  In the living room we removed old out-of-scale bookshelves and an awkward oversized fireplace was torn out.  

We then installed a simple stucco Tudor-inspirred fireplace surround.  Openings between rooms were increased including a large arch between living room and dining room.  In the TV room we installed dark gray paneling.  The kitchen was a budget focused re-do; we unearthed the original fir floors beneath 4 layers of linoleum, took down all upper cabinets and the hood and replaced them with open shelving.  Cabinets were given a fresh coat of black paint.  For furnishings, the home is layered with a collection of old New England treasures and vintage and modern finds.”  

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